I offer consultancy services, interim role or active board participation 

Advise, Consulting, Due diligence, Active board participation. Strong execution from highly experienced Leader 


Bent Holm

Profitable Growth, Due Diligence, Customer focus and Energetic Inspiration.

Hands on Consultancy

The ability to understand complex structures, people, data, being humble and the ability to shift between the strategic, tactical and operational level, has given me the tools to quickly, and with the team, form a simple and understandable plan. A plan that can generate remarkable results in any organisation.

Proven track record
Result Guarantee 
Low cost, high impact



With the knowledge of you business we can facilitate a full scale growth strategy.

We ensure the strategical plan becomes immediately operational, and we ensure at full backing of the team. Growth through people and decision processes. 


Depending on your challenges we make a strong long term profitability plan. The team is the key, and the plan will facilitate a strong commercial plan, as well as a strong long term cost plan.

We ensure 360 buy in, and will listen heavily to the organisation. We firmly believe that the experts are the ones in the process. We therefor facilitate a bottom up approach.


Most business use national importers or agents. This has a huge impact on costs. I will facilitate direct far east sourcing with factories and local agents. This strategy will lower your cost of goods tremendously. 

If your team is stretched I can also help with the buying process, the range strategy and implementation of your growth strategy. 

My main goal is to generate benefit for your existing customers, and equally as important, to expand your base.